Sparkling and Shining! Dream Precure

Sparkling and Shining! Dream Precure

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Rose By Clawdeenrose Updated Sep 09

When 14 year old Yumehara Minako finds out that her twin sister, Yumehara Nozomi, is the super hero Cure Dream and leader of the Precure 5, she accidentally gets involved in a kowaina attack. After fighting for a while, Nozomi and the other girls get injured by the kowaina, and in a panicked attempt to save them, Minako finds herself standing in the kowaina's way - as if using herself as a shield. With the strong will to protect them, she transformed into a Precure herself, Cure Hope. 
It seems like the world has another threat other than Nightmare - an organisation called Leiden, who are out to destroy everyone's dreams and any hope for the future. Will Minako be able to find more members of the Dream Precure on her own after transferring to a prestigious boarding school?


I do not own Yes! Precure 5 or the idea of Precure, the credit goes to TOEI animation and Izumi Todo. 

The cover art belongs to me.