Kiss me (girlxgirl)

Kiss me (girlxgirl)

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I was siting in class admiring her beauty. She was wearing very short shorts..not that I'm complaining.. I mean those shorts show off her beautiful long legs. They were well formed even though she denied it.

She look so freaking cute biting her lip while she tried to concentrate to whatever the Geometry teacher was explaining.

"Mrs.Mitchell?!" I snapped out of my thoughts and turned my head to his direction. It look like he had called me several times because he had a really annoyed and pissed off face. I starred at him waiting for him to continue. I heard my classmstes laugh and some simply shake their heads with a huge grin and their face. "Mrs.Mitchell," he said with annoyance in his voice, "if you could please try to put attention to my class and stop daydreaming of your drama, or whatever it is you girls think about, maybe you would be passing my class, don't you think." Again people giggle and couldn't help but smile. I simply nodded my head and whisper "sorry," but...

moonsun_wheebyul moonsun_wheebyul May 27, 2016
Well..Sasha better not try to get in the way. She had her chance.
Midge22468 Midge22468 Apr 16, 2016
Mmhmmm the shinny eyes always give it away just like the shinny shins
MrsNekonome MrsNekonome Apr 07, 2016
Me everyday. Even though I haven't had a boyfriend in about 4 years but I tell myself 'Bad! Bad girl! Bad!' everyday because of my *ahem* thoughts.
P4vl0v3 P4vl0v3 Mar 17, 2016
Omg my nickname is Sha, just one letter off. Omg that's funny!
Rudu_Af Rudu_Af Nov 20, 2016
I can't even lie I shipped Ashley (Hannah) and Shay( Emily) in PLL anyway
moonsun_wheebyul moonsun_wheebyul May 27, 2016
WOOAH..!! SOMEONE GET HER SOME MILK STAT!! She has consumed too much jelly!