Sherlock Imagines

Sherlock Imagines

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Dannielle By DarkKnightoftheSoul Updated Jul 30

"An old manor house, located in Cornwall has been dealing with a string of murders. For the past 80 years, last-born males on their 23rd birthday are mysteriously killed."  He looks at you with pleading eyes.

"Will you help me, (Y/N)?"  You sit up and stretch your back.

"Well, Sherlock Holmes," you say, walking to the door.

"I guess the game is on!"

PsychoPet PsychoPet Jun 16
If the killer is murdering someone next to the dunk tanks why the hell is it so vital for me to get on the Ferris Wheel? Oh, i see.... He's gonna be up there with me, isnt it?
Ok, Sherlock...
                              Now that I am finally your partner, it means I can punch you... IN THE FACE!
PsychoPet PsychoPet Jun 16
One week? Wow, if i dont really like this cases only one week is fan-freaking-tastic. Are you sure thats not to long Shezza?
Well, I would've punched him and, later, said:
                              "Let's go, Willy Sherl!"
I think that I am in danger now that I read this...
                              SHERLOCK, HELP!
I really like your writing style and though I don't watch Sherlock, your portrayal of the character seems to be pretty accurate! Also the plot of your story is interesting and the reader doesn't know what's going to happen next, just like a real Sherlock holmes story.