Voltron: Star-crossed Lovers

Voltron: Star-crossed Lovers

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PewPewPaladin By laserliet Updated Feb 14

She seemed to be floating now instead, stars and galaxies all blurring together as matter lost relativity and existence as we know it folded in on itself...

Disclaimer: This story is purely fanfiction. I do not own Voltron or its characters. Here's my take on the beloved space goofs and a way for us to be part of their adventures. ^-^

(Note: This is a Keith x reader fanfic but the character is referred to as 'Zel' for convenience purposes. 'Zel' is a variation of '11' and is simply used as a nickname, not the character's real name because her real name is whatever your name is!)

Wolve_Dreamer Wolve_Dreamer 2 days ago
Pffff.... I-I don't.... Mmmfh... W-What are y-you ta- *cough* *muffled giggling* *incomprehensible talking* O-Okay
                              (Incase you don't get it, Shiro was born on the 29th of February)
Undertale324 Undertale324 2 days ago
There is no possible way I can have kids unless they are wolves cuz that's what I am *paws at the ground awkwardly*
Who knows, maybe he did see me first, but Keith was the first one to say something about it.
For a child's show.... we sure do have some profanity of ours XD
blytzbyrn blytzbyrn Dec 10, 2016
WOW, I'm from the future?! People in the future must be really cool if they're all like me. I hope we have hover boards. . .
Undertale324 Undertale324 2 days ago
Hey where did that come from I may be a wolf but I don't eat people except I might nip them if I get nervous