A Viking's Possession

A Viking's Possession

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Crystal Santacruz By Santacruz23 Completed

Anabelle Davis, 18, travels to Sweden, for vacation along with her cousin Helen, 20. Both cousins always had a fascination with Viking history. Both go to a museum that is filled with runes. As they look at the runes, they are sucked in to another dimension. Both cousins now suffer the consequences for they now are in 11th century Sweden. Both cousins are in different parts of Sweden. Anabelle is found by a Viking War Lord Liam, who takes her by force. 

Liam is a Viking who takes whatever and whoever he wants, with or without consent. Yet, Anabelle is not like any of his conquests, she does not go without a fight and that excites him. Anabelle tries to search for her cousin and she finds out that Helen is in the hands of another war lord, who is Liam's enemy.

Will Anabelle and Helen escape and go back to their time? Will Liam even let Anabelle leave his arms?

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Cover By: Selenereese

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I do have cousins that I don't know about because my uncle gets different girl's pregnant so...
WindyWinter WindyWinter Aug 15
Don't see my cousins that often, but when I do we are instant best friends.
You all are like I see my cousins every week or what not and I'm over here like I LIVE WITH SIX OF MY COUSINS THEY ARE ALL ANNOYING ME CONSTANTLY
I see my cousins like every week! I couldnt imagine living without them
My family has grown up to be reeeaallyy close.... I'm starting to get tired of it...
co7ito co7ito Jan 01
I have always love read historical stories. But never vikings. Never in the list. But the intro get me hooked  already