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The Badboy Next Door #comedy-romance #goodgirl #badboynextdoor #cliche #funny

The Badboy Next Door #comedy-romance #goodgirl #badboynextdoor #cliche #funny

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E.C. Curtis By EmmaCurtis282 Updated Jul 10

"You want to go get tacos?" he asks from the gap between our houses
       "It's 2:34 AM! We have school tomorrow!" i shout being the good girl i am.
      " You are watching your life slip right past you. Live a little. You can stay here, get some sleep, wake up in the morning and do the same thing you do every day. Or, you can get your skinny butt dressed, and climb out your window, and go on an adventure with me at two in the morning and eat some taco's." He gives me a pointed look, before shrugging his shoulders "Your choice." 
      My life was boring and bland. I am abused by my step father. I simply wait for the next beating to come or perhaps life to rip out from under me, leaving me to die in peace. 
      And then he waltzed into my life, bringing his antics and drama with him. Only he  breathed life back into me, he showed me what I was missing, he brought me back to life. But if he finds out about what my real story is. The reason behind the scars that zag across my wrists, will he run away? Leave me like my father left me? Or will i simply be not good enough, like I was't good enough for my father?

My mom growls me when I run down the stairs lol shes just like "OMG DONT DO THAT EVER AGAIN YOU'RE GONNA DIE" but I still do it anyways
YeahThatsPlatonic YeahThatsPlatonic 6 days ago
Omg! Princess! Bellamt Blake calls Clarke "Princess!" This is a good sign!
I've read a book with a character by the name Naomi and one of her friends, which is a guy, has the last name Wallace. The coincidence
SanidhiKodithuwakku SanidhiKodithuwakku Dec 03, 2016
Omg it's sooooo awesome I am looking forward to read further
samyyy1103 samyyy1103 Mar 07
                              Sorry just had to that it seemed more funnier in my head but O well
HkmymyHK123 HkmymyHK123 Feb 22
I say that everyday when I see the Dolan Twins post something