Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU)

Love Hurts (Percy Jackson AU)

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Mentally A Princess By thedeathlydemigods Updated 6 days ago

Everyone has a soulmate.

And until you fall in love with them, all of their scars and bruises appear on your body. If they're in pain you'll know it.

Percy and Rachel think they're happy. But they keep getting marks that they didn't put there. 

Annabeth and Piper feel alone, but have hope that there's someone out there.

Hazel and Nico don't know what to do with their dad always looming over them. 

Jason sees more lines appear on his arm everyday...

Leo doesn't have anything that aren't his bruises.

Calypso is new in town.

Katie confides in her diary, saying that she doesn't believe who her soulmate is.

Travis and Connor are too busy wreaking havoc to worry about silly things like love.

Will the stress of high school keep these kids apart or will they find that love doesn't have to hurt?

(Pictures are not mine, I just edited the cover)

Silver49453 Silver49453 Dec 22, 2016
I just did a spit take. And guess what? My whole family witnessed it and know they are starring at me as I lmao and write this.  😂😂😂😂