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Everyone has a different story behind closed doors...

Stephen POV

  "Who are you?" I spoke out

She turned around quickly quite shocked.

"Urm, hi sorry I wasn't snooping or anything I was just having a look around, I'm kendal"

I just stared at her. I didn't mean to, she just caught my breath. Her curly golden hair fell just below her waist, making her tanned skin stand out more, her eyes were a mix of grey and camouflage green, the light caught them making them shine. She wore black ripped jeans with an oversized hoodie, perhaps her boyfriends, along with a pair of timberlands attached to her feet.

I looked back up to her face, "You'd better go this isn't no place for a girl like you"

She nodded and walked past me disappearing through the passage.

I didn't mean to come across rude, she just seemed dainty like you don't want to mess with a girl like her.


I like it.

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elsiebutu elsiebutu Nov 18, 2017
I like the characters. This is 5he first book I've read and I've actually approved of the hcraxyers set
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Sep 01, 2017
... girl I would've been snitched tf. This not gonna be some Cinderella repeat tf
Girls on Wattpad: Wakes up. Looks like Cinderella. OH IM SO UGLY. 
                              Me: wakes up. Looks like a witch. Throws on a hoodie and BABAM
leonastar7710 leonastar7710 May 31, 2017
Mine starts at 8:40 finishes at 2:50 but on Wednesdays it's 2:10 
                              After typing this I realised I finished high school last week and I think it hasn't hit me yet
NakiaMuteka NakiaMuteka Jul 20, 2017
It's starting to sound like the first Twilight movie where Bella saw Edward
Jenna_502 Jenna_502 Mar 20, 2017
School starts at 7:15 for me like what school does she go to because I wanna go there