Suicide Squad: New Arrival

Suicide Squad: New Arrival

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"I can take care of myself."

Augustina Morris had been struggling with her hidden abilities for some time now. Being a Metahuman was difficult, and not to mention, dangerous. she was constantly terrified of hurting an innocent, or even worse, her loved ones.

Until one school day, something sparked up in Augustina's mind, and suddenly, all people around her were nothing but lifeless corpses.

Join Augustina as she joins the infamous "Suicide Squad", on another mission to save the world, even if it kills them.

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killerkamen killerkamen Aug 30
YAAAA!!! I AGREE!!!! But not with your gay ways..... not with Croc. Mine.
killerkamen killerkamen Aug 30
The Batman Movie: Swat Members: Non Lethal! Ya!!!! OMG sorry I HAD to!!!!!
someinternetchild someinternetchild Sep 08, 2016
How did you get that picture on the top? Did you make it or find it in said internet
QueenofFanFitcion QueenofFanFitcion Nov 25, 2016
If u pay attention  it really sounds like shes saying  home. Like thats fav show
helloimkaden helloimkaden Sep 05, 2016
Awesome!!! I love it! I wish I had these awesome skills to write! 💙♥✌