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Slytherin By sassyasfsnape Updated Oct 24, 2016

All characters are owned by J.K Rowling.

Harry comes out to Ron and Hermione. 
Draco is the only one to comfort him.

What if...

All I could think about was Snape saying now turn to page 394.
Dam boy! Anyone see what I did there? No one? Ok I'll just go.....
I've always liked Ferrets better than Weasels........
                              See what i did there?
I expected Hermione to be better. Some best friend she is. *hugs Harry*
Snape style is the best style
                              *tries to walk with such Snapey grace*
                              Aww, *pouts*
*Can't say anything because Hermione is her favorite character and this is just a fanfiction but she ohhh so wants to call Hermione a mudblood bitch*