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Dipcifica - The Forbidden Love

Dipcifica - The Forbidden Love

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Dipcifica_FanFics By Dipcifica_FanFics Updated Jun 07

Warning : This book contains sexual and erotic writings. If you are not familiar with things like this or is under 15 , I strongly suggest you to leave this page. It has sexual words such as penis , vagina and others.
  The Mystery Twins comes back to Gravity 
  It's been a year since Weirdmageddon occurred.
  Dipper comes back to fall head over heels on Wendy but little did he know Pacifica is In love with him after a few incidents.
  Will their love flourish? Or will school , homework , parents and others stop their love??
  Find out by uncovering this book!!
  Disclaimer : I don't own Gravity Falls. Alex Hisrch does.

TedStrange TedStrange Jun 19
For a girl who shuttered when talking to him this is just a little bit of a jump.Plus,isn't this they'r first date?I mean aren't they taking it a little too quick?
I can just imagine some kid walk up to his mom and be like, "Hey! So this says PG 18 because of erotic and descriptive writings of p*rn. Since I'm not eighteen, will you read p*rn with me, momma?"
Dipcifica_FanFics Dipcifica_FanFics Dec 29, 2016
Hey whose story is this? Mine or yours? Mind your own business. Get a life and go do something useful instead of commenting on people's story. 
                              (All of this are ideas from fans not me :|)
Jack--the--ripper Jack--the--ripper Dec 29, 2016
Why don't you get a life instead of writing smutty and completely inaccurate fan fiction? And I wouldn't write such a disturbing story. Fan based or not. That's just not my style. And this is corrective criticism
Jack--the--ripper Jack--the--ripper Dec 29, 2016
That's not possible if Weirdmageddon happened a year ago, which they were turning thirteen at the time (the end of summer) then now it's after the end of summer therefore they would be 14