Church Boy Gone Bad [Chanbaek/Baekyeol]

Church Boy Gone Bad [Chanbaek/Baekyeol]

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chanyeoboo By chanyeoboo Updated Jul 05, 2017

Goody two-shoes Baekhyun lives quite the boring life. Aside from the fact that he's currently crushing on the school's top cheerleader Kim Taeyeon, the dedicated son of a pastor thinks keeping his virginity until marriage is as obvious as striking perfect grades. 

Baekhyun hates his elder brother's criminal of a friend going by the name Park Chanyeol with a passion. Well, Chanyeol being Chanyeol, he wants to bend the church boy over instead. 

And he thinks dating the nerdy best friend of the hard-to-get boy you found to like is leading you a step further to get into his pants.

Chanyeol makes sure Baekhyun has at least some excitement in his boring life. 
And of course, elder bro Jongin is the last person who should know.

➵ Rating: NC-17
➵ Genres: Drama, Romance, Humor, Teen
➵ Warnings: age gap (five years), (underage) drug/alcohol/cigarettes use, dub-con, slight infidelity, (underage) graphic sex scenes, lots of swearing

Please take the warnings serious. 

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