Because of You

Because of You

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Yan Yu Cottingham By writingbebe Updated Jan 23, 2018

When homeless 19 year old Elizabeth Janson trespassed across the property of the countries wealthiest man, she'd never expected the upcoming rise of events to change her life. After all, she was the daughter of the most feared murderers and any unwise decisions could've been fatal. Luckily, the man she came across wasn't at all moved by her presence. In fact, he didn't seem to give a bother about who she was. Maybe that was a good thing for Elizabeth. She wanted someone who was capable of seeing the real her; not what she was known as by society. 

Join Elizabeth Janson on a ride through love, chaos and treachery. Will Elizabeth be able to cope with all three things or will she fall before someone can pick her up?


WARNING: This book is not edited so I apologise for the many mistakes I've made but just a friendly reminder that authors don't have an editor sitting next to them correcting their every mistake while they write. Wattpad books are always a draft so I hope you understand. Besides that, if you have any questions you can post on the Conversations section or on the chapters. Enjoy reading!

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PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Jul 29, 2017
If she can fight why did she let them fools beat her up 🙄 I never understand wattpad characters. They be like "Ima act weak so I don't go noticed" or "I'm not like them so I'll let them hit me" 🙄like what if they tried to kill her or something she would've just sat there
MagicalWriter22 MagicalWriter22 Sep 08, 2016
Really well written and interesting start! I love your plot idea :)
lolliepop9909 lolliepop9909 Oct 01, 2016
Yan u better tell me howd u come up with idea at school!!!!!
haiijada haiijada Sep 24, 2016
This is such a cool story! Looking forward to reading the rest.
norablack39 norablack39 Sep 23, 2016
This is interesting! I wonder what he's going to do when he sees who she is!