Jared's Property

Jared's Property

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Xx Yan xX By yanyucottingham Updated Nov 10

Everyone has heard of the Jansons; a family of dangerous murderers who have been around for over 4 decades. People fear them but now there is only one left. Elizabeth Janson, a 19 year old who has been homeless ever since her parents were charged for the murders of over 10 people. When Elizabeth roams the streets shes helpless, no one helps her, wants her or cares for her. People see her just like the rest of her family but Elizabeth doesn't want to be noticed that way. She wants to be different from her family.

One night when she's looking around for shelter she ends trespassing into Jared Gormans property; a very intimidating wealthy guy who owns one of the most famous companies to be known. But Elizabeth finds out that Jared isn't who everyone expects him to be. Little does she know that she has a lot of surprises in store for her.

copyright © Yan Yu Cottingham 2016

Really well written and interesting start! I love your plot idea :)
Yan u better tell me howd u come up with idea at school!!!!!
haiijada haiijada Sep 24
This is such a cool story! Looking forward to reading the rest.
norablack39 norablack39 Sep 23
This is interesting! I wonder what he's going to do when he sees who she is!