Heartless (Amourshipping)

Heartless (Amourshipping)

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Ash is 16 year old boy starting school at a place called Vanville High. He meets a girl called Serena, or also known as the girl with no heart.


Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon or its series (even though I want to.)

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Pokelol123 Pokelol123 Oct 01
Lol red lizard😂 whats next  green frog blue turtle orange fox
spinyrhino spinyrhino Oct 14
This is a very interesting twist on Serena personality that I haven't ever seen done before. I just finished watching episode 20 of XYZ and she just had the conversation with Palermo about how she needed to be MORE positive. I like it and can't wait to read more
I need criticism on my amourshipping book, Melodies. Please give it a comment senpai. BTW I love this story •u•)o
ok so let me understand bruh
                              is this book inspired in yandere sim?
This is a great start, the story already has me interested:) Update soon!
I'm really into the story now:). I can relate to serena because I'm a bit of an outcast myself at school This is a really great story so far!😀