The Clan  ~  boyxboy

The Clan ~ boyxboy

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Elijah Grey By RaphyyStoran Updated Aug 19, 2018

A thousand years ago a war started. Demons wanted to rule over the upper world and no one could stop them, they were too strong.

But when the elders from the four strongest communities of the supernatural decided to unite against demons.

They formed the first Clan. Four individuals,a witch,a vampire,a werewolf and a hybrid.

Together they worked to vanquish demons in a city we now call Medon Hills. 

Seeing the satisfying results the elders decided to unite Clans all over the world to repel the demons who had taken place.

Up to this day Clans all over the world protect the mortals from supernatural threats.

My name is Alexander Jemediah St.Claire and my friends and I descent from the four families who formed the Original  Clan.

And this is our story.