The Neko By My Side

The Neko By My Side

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SHSL Lucky Student By KatTheCat123 Updated Nov 18

Inspired by another book of the same title.

Nagito Komaeda was a lonely boy with no friends or family, until three years later, he meets Hajime Hinata, his first friend. However, when they became very close, Hajime died in a car accident, leaving Nagito absolutely heartbroken. One day, while visiting his grave, Nagito stumbles across a small cat that looks all too familiar to him....

Another Komahina story!! I got inspired when i saw a book of the same title, plus i love cats so why not!

ABigFanYo ABigFanYo Sep 01
It's because she saw it had a penis, Komaeda. Get up to her level, Man!
I thought I would hate this story because Hinata is dead but now that he isn't dead I really like the story ^^ I think this is going to be one of my new favourite storys ^^