Children of Olympus

Children of Olympus

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Shadowedmoon13 By Shadowedmoon13 Updated Sep 18, 2016

When Percy Jackson and the seven of the prophecy are turned in to children by an unknown foe, a spell that is irreversible even for the gods, they have to walk the streets of New York as six year olds. Yet the seven year olds have their eighteen year old minds. Oh the fates are cruel. But when they are picked off the streets and sent to the Rainbowsmiles orphanage, how will they stay together.

The avengers have started a new program, adopt eight children to teach to be a new elite squad, like a backup avengers, in case anything were to happen to the team. When they see the kids on offer, none look too promising, except for eight six year olds with extraordinary fighting skill.

Will the seven and Nico find purpose as a new squad taught by the avengers?

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Ugh. I read happy corner, and I felt like puking. All of this sunshine and rainbows and happiness is so sickening!
Niiico it's just a bit of rainbow jelly you know she might just have enough happy medicine to give you a smile or maybe you could go to the playground and chase butterflys 😆
I just started thinking of Boss Baby and imagined the seven plus Neeks dressed in tuxes as the little smol babies they are
Everything is rainbow, that's way to much rainbow...even for me!
If that happened to me I would literally kill myself. Also, Annabeth has done this kind of stuff before you would think she would have been smart enough not to get caught.