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My Works #15 //.

Here's something about me: I have many, many ideas both daily, weekly and monthly. I don't want to have a thousand books on my profiles (besides I usually don't have an entire storyline) so I've decided to do a book of these ideas into imagines. 

If you're not familiar with the concept, it's a book of random storylines- each part different or a continuation of the last (no more than three parts to one idea). Some people  do mostly rated (r) books of imagines but that's NOT all mine will include but it may be in there somewhere.

 These imagines are also not strictly celebrities but I may feature some in a few! (: May include characters from my main stories too. 

       You may inbox any requests! 
             Tune in! & enjoy. - Dia ♡

If anything seems familiar , it is completely coincidental.All situations in this story come completely from my imagination. Please do not steal.

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SiahBaby SiahBaby Jul 12
I was about to say something until I realized that this was set in a early 2000s setting 😂😂💀
ZaddyGxbii ZaddyGxbii Jul 17
Blackberry's were the shiddd so we're Nokias,, dem shits used to hurt like hell wen Dey fell on ur face 😂😂
I like thats its in third person so ik how they both feelin💯😭😭
Umm momma you gon have to start getting this mail since you want it so bad
Nooooooooo😂😭😂😭😂 I forgot this was the early 2000's