Married To Him (Aarmau Fanfiction)

Married To Him (Aarmau Fanfiction)

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Blueberru24 By blueberru24 Updated Apr 15

(Cover art by Vopseas)
This is the sequel to 'Living With Him' 

This story is about Aphmau and Aaron's relationship after there married. This book explains their thoughts and feelings. 

So enjoy

no maybe aaron is in 26 i think. No one in 30's would have abs you know
Boys being older than girls when they get married is a steriotype
if aph's gonna be 27 so she's 26 and aaron is 27 cause boys are one year older than girls
That_Enchantress That_Enchantress 7 days ago
That's about right cause he was a senior in high school when aph became a freashman and (correct me if I'm wrong I live in Australia) it goes freshman to sophomore to junior to senior and then ur off to college right....
                              Im sorry i will go die now...
Are you watching your favorite youtuber aaaaaaaarrdrian?! Not aphmau not i forgot they were gender swaped