My art book and random things :3

My art book and random things :3

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Beatriz Savin By PuppetPlayerLuna Completed

WARNING:This book will (probably) contain: Undertale art, Fnaf art, My oc's art, mlp art, Vocaloid art, random art and of course art :) If you are allergic to any of those things I suggest you to not see or read this book ...but if to read that badly then go ahead and see/read this book it's your choice
You've had been warned 

Anyways I do accept requests 

aaaand I created this book because I'm bored and because I like to draw too :3 

So please enjoy your stay! :D    (or don't enjoy it if you don't want to)

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xXPenAndPaperXx xXPenAndPaperXx Aug 28, 2017
I once read a Gaster chapter that was entirely in Wing Dings!
BitterAesthetic BitterAesthetic Sep 06, 2016're so good at digital art!!!  What app do you use to draw??! *^*
Mugelbbub28 Mugelbbub28 Jan 16, 2017
Omg I kind of have a similar looking oc....I wonder what would happen if they met XD
FandomKitty04 FandomKitty04 Mar 05, 2017
Cri. You draw so well ;^; Meanwhile I struggle to even draw a good Sans