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Naruto's life

Naruto's life

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candymaster873 By candymaster873 Updated Mar 16

Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze is the son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki Namikaze as he is the jinchuuriki of the Nine-Tailed fox. In this story, Naruto is neglect by his father Minato for his younger siblings who are twins named Mito and Menma, Kushina doesn't neglected Naruto at all and she help him along with Tsunade, her apprentice Shizune and Orochimaru who is good in the story. Also Naruto will be in an arrange marriage with Temari and will have the legendary summon contracts. AU. Danzo will the main enemy in this story.

Minato -.- 
                              You call yourself a dad or even hokage when you cant even protect your son from the stupid villagers
                              Yay oreo you aren't bad
                              Orochimaru: don't call me oreo
                              Me: i will call you oreo if you like it or not
                              Naru-chan all the angry fangirls will protect our baby with kushina
Reminds me of soul eater , norse mythology and Magnus Chase series(book)
                              Orochimaru San what happen to you?
                              YOUR AH GOOD BOY HERE NUUU
                              Orochimaru: do you had the Tobi virus or something?
                              Tobi:TOBI IS A GOOD BOY!!!!
                              me: TRUE!!!!!
                              *hugging tobi while crying*
                              Me and Tobi: OROCHIMARU IS A GOOD BOY IN THIS STORY
Ragnarok is a series of future events in Norse mythology that is predicted to kill multiple major people. I looked it up because it looked familiar.
Where's Jiraya and his stupid comeback and jokes when you need it