Billie Joe Armstrong is my step-father... and I hate it

Billie Joe Armstrong is my step-father... and I hate it

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"But as for me, I'll always hate Billie Joe. There was no call for words I'll regret, for I will never regret them."

Grace hates everything about her stepfather. Every hair on his head. Every cell in his blood. She wants to see him fail in everything possible, and garunteed she'd be there to laugh and point when it happens. She wants to make his life a misery, in any way she can. Just who is this step-father of Grace's?

Why... he's Billie Joe Armstrong, lead singer of Green Day!

He wants to earn Grace's trust and respect, by killing her with kindness. And through entering his lifestyle as one of the greatest "Rock 'n' Roll" icons in the world, Grace realises that life as an Armstrong has other plans for her...

I still have yet to understand why she hates him and yet i kinda know why
Epilaska Epilaska May 16, 2016
I apologize for my previous comment I just gave myself a mental breakdown from that
marshmallow_stuffing marshmallow_stuffing Oct 14, 2016
And that is basically how I make friends, it explains so much
Epilaska Epilaska May 16, 2016
Idk about anyone else but I'm too sympathetic. I literally feel sad for Billie
Billie is so chill about this cause I bet you a thousand bucks that he knows how she feels
Yikes okay i dont  like My moms bf either but damn i was never so harsh like Calm your titties