Why Him Out Of All People?  A Stinglu FanFic (COMPLETED ✔️)

Why Him Out Of All People? A Stinglu FanFic (COMPLETED ✔️)

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Kiru By _-Kiruga-_ Updated Jun 15

( im sorry in advanced for this story being really awful)  now i should probably give an actual summary so yeah okay here goes nothing. 
Lucy heartfillia was really happy at her guild fairy tail but she started feeling like she was invisible when a white haired girl that was apparently adored by all of fairy tail named Lisanna Strauss.
but what people don't know is that lisanna has a horrid plan stored. Lucy then mets the one person she thinks she can trust will turn on him


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Honestly I’ve read a lot of story’s similar but it’s been a while and omg did my heart just slowly started sinking I ship stinglu but I am a big nalu shipper too all I have to do is remember to breath
Finally, somebody that actually says the thunder legion and not the thunder God tribe
JulieneNicoleBautist JulieneNicoleBautist May 10, 2017
not to be rude but, onii~chan is older brother and onee~chan is older sister
- - Oct 23, 2016
I like it but*dramatic music*
                              Your sentences are long as hell ,it needs more description.Also it seeemed kind of rushed like bolt running.A little grammar mistakes .Its a good story it just needs more work
                              I can help also