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One Mistake Night [Completed]

One Mistake Night [Completed]

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👑 Kraliçe 👑 By MarillaGarden Completed

Emily was your innocent girl who followed instructions from dear daddy and mommy. Living in small town where everyone knew each other wasn't very interesting. Her life monitored day and night to become the perfect preacher's daughter, reaching the limit. She decide to run away, catching the first bus to the big apple. 

''Look, man. I swear I don't know shit. look I'll give you the money, I'll...I'll tell you were Deane is. just don't kill me man, I have a baby on the way man...please....''

I looked from behind the steps, three men holding guns to the man's head as he pleaded for his life. I covered my mouth with both hand's just so I wouldn't make any noises.

''Please Vick, spare my life man, I'm begging you please.'' the man plead some more as the gun was pressed to his head.

''You don't f*ck with Santos, and you don't f*ck with me." He pulled the trigger and shot him without any mercy. I gasped loudly, making them turn to see where the voice came from. I ducked deeper under the steps and held my hand over my mouth. shutting my eye's tightly but my ears could hear their footsteps near. My heart was racing rapidly and felt sweat running down back.

''let's go, whoever it was is gone.'' Their footsteps faded away. Hearing the engine car start then driving off. I looked through the steps and saw the man's body laying there. A tear fell down , I wished at that moment to be in my small room, under the blanket. I wished for my boring life back because this wasn't what I expected. 

I walked out slow, ''I have to call the cop's'', I said to myself. I ran out to find help. I  yelled, ''HEL......'', and a hand clapped over my mouth shut. I felt something poke my head. ''Make a sound and I'll kill you just like that guy inside.''

Elusive_Whisper Elusive_Whisper 2 days ago
Like where I use to live before I upgraded!! 😂👌😥😆
watpadaddixt watpadaddixt Nov 14, 2016
Oh's not like there real when one comes through my windows...just normal...happens all the time nun to worry about😄😄😄😄😐😄😄
kemelly542 kemelly542 Dec 12, 2016
Wait what he wanted ya to be a cousin fûcker (say with southern accent guarantee you'll laugh
whyareyouhurtingmeh whyareyouhurtingmeh Nov 07, 2016
Pfffff, don't be afraid. You're just dreaming about gunshots.. It's not like they're real..
kemelly542 kemelly542 Dec 12, 2016
I'm so fućking dead rn this nigga really slumped from the head he received 😂😂😂😂
Its like where I live ghetto but not ghetto😂😅😟😑🙉 crazy people