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Joker x READER! | yøu're mine

Joker x READER! | yøu're mine

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Joker's Lil Monster✨ By harleymargotquinn Updated Feb 16

You now work on Arkham Asylum, but you're also a stripper. Unfortuneately the Joker ends up knowing your secret. Who knew that the craziest, murderer, physchopath would end up looking at you?
Would you rather team up with the Joker and suffer or ignore his offer and end up dead?
It's a serious deal, you wouldn't like that everyone knows you're a stripper and loose your first good job...
It has smut:) but be patient~ this will be long
[ (y/n) = your name] >in case you don't know

AkaeliaWayne AkaeliaWayne Sep 20, 2016
* is it sad that I read smut and clicked? No........
                              I'll leave now bye sorry😂😵*
SkyBluGaming SkyBluGaming Sep 27, 2016
TBH I was listening to FWB by KSI when I was reading this..... and apparently I was singing and reading and it was like I was mixing the song and sentences together lol
Lissy0467 Lissy0467 Oct 07, 2016
yologirl12369 yologirl12369 Oct 26, 2016
I'm reading this during class. 0-0 I saw daddy, i screamed. XD
Deanwinchester4ever Deanwinchester4ever Nov 27, 2016
I would gladly call you daddy!! 
                              Like I can't believe I love a psychopath but he is just so damn alluring and hot and sexy
WolfDemon23 WolfDemon23 Sep 29, 2016
Now that is what I'm talking about, submit to the psychopath is a brilliant idea