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*Jackyboy* By TimandSam Completed


Jack is the new kid in school and he unknowingly runs into a notorious group of bullies. Mark, the leader, has a plan, but it doesn't exactly go how he wanted it to...

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Who else is listening to believer by imagine dragons while reading this?....no one? ok
Everyone is saying Bill Nye but I thought of Bill Cosby, yikes—
Asuna_Shoes Asuna_Shoes Mar 21
Whoa, this teacher is giving up her morning prep to give this kid (which she just met) a tour of the school! This is an amazing and really unprepared teach ladies and gentlemen.
I don't know if I like this bill, maybe he will CHANGE later on. GET IT
AlexAnimatesAll AlexAnimatesAll 3 days ago
PLOT TWIST! This so called "Bill" person is really named Billy and has come to fück up the entire story. YOUVE ALL BEEN WORN!!! 
                              (Not actually what happens (I'm guessing(what if that actually does happen?)) (To many parentheses!!! WE HAVE ENTERD THE MATRIX))
just_sori just_sori Oct 18
Well bill (heh that rhymes) I have English as my first class in xD