Crazy For You ~ Joker X Reader

Crazy For You ~ Joker X Reader

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Uni By whynotgirlforfanfics Updated Dec 19, 2017

The Joker is a tricky man who practically runs Gotham City. All while being stopped by Batman of course. you want nothing to do with him and his sexy side kick Harley Quinn until...

you come face to face with him. he spares your life and you see a spark in his eyes. the next time you meet, hes saving your life from another villian! you come face to face again, only to be taken away by Batman himself.

you become intrigued by him and he seems to have become the same, because he stops at nothing to get you back. 

he takes you away from Batman and takes you back to his place, because, you know, your home is kind of blown up. handy work of the Funny Man himself. you find yourself doing 2 things. Going crazy thinking about him and falling for him. maybe just going crazy too. what you dont know is hes doing the same. only, just the second one, obviously. 

Harley on the other hand, wants your blood spilled all over the streets of Gotham City. well, in her defense she did walk into a room to find her "puddin" shirtless, oggling you while you teased him by refusing to show off the outfit he gave you. 

falling for the Joker is not easy. why? i forgot to mention that Batman is your father.

~Hope you enjoy! made by me, dreamt up by me. Fanfiction based off of the DC comic Batman. in this, Batman is twice Jokers age, just like he is for you. good luck getting and keeping your mad-man candy. <3~


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Miss_Crowley Miss_Crowley May 16, 2017
Ummm best friend???? What is this thing you speak of????????
bloodyangel100 bloodyangel100 Nov 29, 2017
Swear this one you'll save
                              Gotta lock it in your pocket taking this one to the grave
salempage salempage Apr 04, 2017
Hey Berlin is my name irl and I'd prefer vodka with cranberry juice
KittyKat747 KittyKat747 Oct 01, 2017
Me: hi, I'm Brook(e)! But you can call me Edward! 
                              Joker: dadaq
RickyTickyWriter RickyTickyWriter Aug 28, 2017
Yay I'm happy Bruce.. i mean butt mean is me fadereer👌🏻
mintyfox09 mintyfox09 Nov 01, 2017
                              THEN I NOTICED IT SAID PIZZAZZ