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「미소」 By -aexthetic Updated Feb 07

"What can I do? I just hit the lotto".


In which (Y/n) wakes up in a cage, literally.

Yumi99 Yumi99 Dec 06, 2016
Yeah sure just make yourself at home when you were literally warned about this place 😂 it's totally fine
chkcbh chkcbh Dec 11, 2016
dude did you left your brain in the cage or some shït get the fuk out of there
kpops_bag_of_trash kpops_bag_of_trash Dec 12, 2016
I swear..this girl needs to get the jungfuck out of there..smh
Sehun: D.O you have to blow it like a flute
                              Chanyeol: *raises foot*Doesnt Jongin have foot fetish 
                              Suho: *throws shoe at Chanyeol*
                              D.O: how do I do that
                              Sehun: It should cum naturally. Yehethehehehe see what I did there.