||Our little big family||     [ON HOLD]

||Our little big family|| [ON HOLD]

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The bts family...

Namjoon and Jin get married and have 5 kids.

The story shows the process from the beginning of their relashionship to the heart filled moments they spend as a family.

1st book in the 'Family series'

[x] mpreg
[x] light! Smut
[x] tooth rotting fluff


French- MY's Waiifu

But um.. You already seem to be running a small daycare... But with your own kids
21stcenturyvkook 21stcenturyvkook Oct 01, 2016
Arthurnim I am not trying to be rude or anything but plz stick to one story and finish it. U have so many great stories but half of them r not complete plz try to complete it. IK it might be hard but hwaiting
taekook-ish taekook-ish Dec 29, 2016
owemjeeeey was tae stuck or smth and i thought me and my brother were born too many minutes apart.
goddess50 goddess50 Jan 25
Aww poor Kookie everything is going to be alright appa is there for you
taekook-ish taekook-ish Dec 29, 2016
OSBLXBSOXBSOBXOFBOS i imagine kook having the same watery eyes that poco has from poco's udon worls ajdjdbxkbd
bsixbdnxgundnd bsixbdnxgundnd Dec 18, 2016
When I was a baby my dad did this to me too bc I was always fussy at night