Not Doing This Alone(Tails X Reader)

Not Doing This Alone(Tails X Reader)

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Note:I DO NOT OWN SONIC X!!!All credit goes to the creators!I only added the reader in!Enjoy!


A blinding light started filling the room,grabbing the attention of the robots,bat,(a/t),rabbit,Chao,and blue hedgehog.Shock covered every inch of their faces,except the female hedgehog's.

She opened her orbs,arms still folded."This isn't gonna be good..."she muttered to herself,squinting slightly at the bright light.She kept an expressionless look on her face.She knew they where gonna end up somewhere else,possibly even on another planet.

What have you done,doctor?

FireFly- I would of done the same. In fact I will..... WHAT ARE THOOOOOOOOOSE!!!!!!!!
                              Laurence- (Laughing his ass off)