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The Red Cinderella (Klance)

The Red Cinderella (Klance)

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💖LittleYurio💖 By RaphaelTiamat Completed

Disney got me like MUST DO IT! So here it is, Klance and Cinderella!

They always make Coran the villain in these fairy tale AU's QmQ
I'm sorry but Coran? He's not evil. Not even remotely so. He's, he's, eccentric. But not evil!
HateHumans35 HateHumans35 5 days ago
I always thought of Coran as a cringey person but I'll try my best to imagine him as an evil warlock for this au
Is it just me or do I see Coran being the kinda evil one here?
Yuna53421 Yuna53421 5 days ago
It would be more fitting (in my opinion), if Zarkon was the stepmom (stepdad), and either Prince Lotor and another faithful-to-Zarkon Galra, or two faithful-to-Zarkon Galras as the stepsisters (stepbrothers(?) ).
Subaru-san_8 Subaru-san_8 Dec 12, 2016
WHAT!? NO NO NO....... Pidge too?..... *goes in the corner to cry*