The Boy Who Lives in my Room

The Boy Who Lives in my Room

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Soumya Bandreddi By _CloudsandDreams_ Updated Nov 19

"Happiness doesn't last forever." 
"Neither does sadness." 


What would you do if you walked into your room, totally pooped from the events you had all day, to see a random boy clambering through your window? Cheryl Johnson is a studious girl who's known as a rich prep, but actually is deprived from freedom under her father's restricting eye. Because of his tender past, Cheryl finds herself hiding more and more from him. Even though she doesn't know it, she's breaking.

Everything changes when a boy who she's never seen before shows up at her bedroom window, demanding to stay there. With a father who never lets Cheryl even speak to a boy, a pesky little sister, and the fact that the guy himself is a freaking mystery, something is bound to go wrong. However she also learns that heroes don't come in capes, but can write songs and change rules. 

With this boy around, a few rules are meant to be broken. 

[Highest Ranking: #200 in Teen Fiction on 11/19/16]

I know the pain...2 years of viola before I'd had enough and quit 😂😂😂
myenara myenara Oct 06
Amazing first chapter 👏🏼 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼**tries to golf clap but claps to loudly because it's so freaking awesome**
Africa_Dunn Africa_Dunn Sep 19
Lol. I don't know why this is so funny it just is.😂😂😂
coriave coriave Sep 03
He's gonna go in through her window!! 😆 Ready for the next chapter..
For some reason, everytime I read/hear the name Cheryl, I think of Cheryl from the movie Miss Congeniality hahaha
coriave coriave Sep 04
Lmao this sounds like my sister & I.. I'm always the tomato face 😂