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Malweeee By HeavennSent Updated 4 days ago

He was a sinner even before he was born. A sin that he couldn't be forgiven for. 
A sin he couldn't be held accountable for. 

No matter how hard his parents begged, no matter how hard they tried to keep their son safe. Their only option was to hide him. 

In the process not knowing what kind of monster they had created. They had no idea what kind of evil he held within him.  On top of that he realised that a mere human was his only way to sanity. 


"I expected you to run human? Or hear you scream. Why aren't you running?" The smile got replaced with a frown. He looked disappointed. 

"Why aren't you screaming human?" His eyes turned black and he looked more terrifying than he did before.

"Y-you won't hurt me."

The story is completely made up, the angels and the demons are not the same as in other religions. I have made up a whole different story about the Gods in this book. So be aware.