Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Goes To Hogwarts)

Another Evil Grandfather (Percy Goes To Hogwarts)

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Amelia Rooney By aarooney Updated a day ago

A nice, relaxing, day at the beach; a romantic movie and dinner with Annabeth. Those were my plans before Gandalf's twin, mini me, and a couple others arrived at my door, asking for Perseus Riddle. Now I have to go to some school named after a pig's disease. There goes my plans; stupid fates.

-Cliche ends some time after Percy gets to Hogwarts.
-Takes place during The Order of the Phoenix and after The Blood of Olympus, although at times, the time and parts of the story don't match up.
-Cover credits go to CynicalSolace.
-Chaos is involved in this book, although the story doesn't revolve around her. 

That being said, PLEASE READ. 

I'm not trying to brag, I just want you to give this story a chance. This is what some of the readers say:

"Amazing like always. Gosh I love your story. I think it's literally the best HP/PJ Story I've ever read. And I've read a lot of them. PLEEEASE Update soon."


"Can I vote 
10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000090000000000 times?"


"I had to stuff a pillow in my face I was laughing too hard." 


Also, if any of these people who commented see this, thank you so much. :)

SimmerOnIce SimmerOnIce a day ago
Can I just say that that is a cool overlay Photoshop trick there.
AdastraelGenesis AdastraelGenesis Oct 05, 2016
Call him that when you get to school and it will be fully guaranteed that you shall not pass.
aarooney aarooney a day ago
I'm feeling really stupid but uh....what are you talking about?
AdastraelGenesis AdastraelGenesis Oct 05, 2016
"I would like to tell you a story," Dumbledore began. "Once, there was an ugly barnacle..."
Meme2o2 Meme2o2 Feb 05
Expla to me whom might Gandalf??
                              Please don't kill me 😳😳😳
AdastraelGenesis AdastraelGenesis Oct 05, 2016
                              Oh Percy. After all these years, you should've learned that you're banned for life from having normal, peaceful, mundane days.