Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader)

Met In Paradise (Aaron x Reader)

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Y/N had visited her sister, Jenna. Y/N is staying in Love Love Paradise for a while. But while she's there, she meets Jenna's new friends. A boy with black hair and black eyes was introduced to her by Aphmau. Aphmau and Aaron had broke up for a reason but they did stayed as best friends. 

Aaron and Y/N became very close later on...

ALL THE CHARACTERS BELONG TO THE RIGHTFUL YOUTUBER APHMAU! I only own Y/N and made some parts! All the videos and pictures belong to the rightful owner.

Warning! This story is very horrible and have many spelling errors so please, don't hate.. Just, you know don't read it. It's horrible I'm telling you lol FOR YOUR SAFTEYYY

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The struggle. People are like "I WANT CURLY HAIR!!" No, you don't.
_-Gemini-_ _-Gemini-_ Mar 14
                              ((YanDev Reference that’s overused ))
...watching some anime...sorry I think the YouTube Part is wrong XD
I haven't gone swimming for literally 8 years. I WAS 6 LAST TIME I SWAM, SO DO YOU EXPECT ME TO HAVE A GOD DAMN SWIMSUIT
Emraldeye Emraldeye Mar 01
This is an EXACT description of Me. Curly hair and green eyes
I herd me name ben called!?!?*click toung* come we must find da wae!?!?!