[ Haikyuu Yaoi One-Shots ]

[ Haikyuu Yaoi One-Shots ]

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•This book is filled with lots of Haikyuu pairings one-shots!•

There will be~

[ Angst
Smut ]
--- Soft - Hardcore ---

Definite Pairings~

[ KageHina
LevYaku ]
--- And more ---

(some threesoms too *perv face* [but these must be requested to be written :p]) 


R E Q U E S T S - O P E N :3

C O V E R - animegirlx4ever

S T A R T - 31/08/16

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- - Oct 30, 2016
even tho i am the biggest kagehina fan let's do a tsukikage angst pls
- - Nov 03, 2016
i was actually inspired to make my oneshot book from this book like oml
EthanTisdale EthanTisdale Oct 10, 2016
Asanoya perhaps? Asahi being shy as always starting out, but a sexy monster when he really gets turned on...😉