arranged marriage ➬ kth

arranged marriage ➬ kth

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☁ By choyerin Completed

is it possible to love someone you hate?

started: 9/29/16

ended: 6/19/17

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Lol I saw that coming 😂😂😂aww they're gonna make a great couple later on I just know it
Fluffy_PABO Fluffy_PABO Jul 02
I like that Soli isn't afraid to express her ideas and when Taehyung was bullying Soli it was somewhat realistic. I think the word choice was suitable for the scene.
ilovethetae ilovethetae Jul 24
Look at you. Just watch later on , you'll be falling to her feet of love.
ali_v_en ali_v_en Jul 12
Oh fvk...
                              Godamit it's over
                              The bomb has dropped 
                              Everybody's DED.
Mygbtsx Mygbtsx Sep 17
Omg I would get my ass kicked if I ever swore infront of my parents
good news to me, bad news to her, LOVE YOU MOM! THANKS FOR MAKING THIS HAPPEN!!!!