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Sterek By MyOTPisSterek Completed

Forgive me this is my first book

This is an au after season 2:
The alpha pack does not exist, Jackson not leaving, Erica and Boyd alive and Peter is not as evil as everyone thought. 

This is a (ill try and make it a slow one) sterek story. The hale house is renovated and there are lots of pack feels.

I don't own teen wolf or the characters. Because if I did, I wouldn't be channeling my hormones via Wattpad, now would I?

The Pack:

Stiles Stilinski
Derek Hale 
Scott McCall
Alison Argent
Cora Hale
Peter Hale
Jackson Whittmore
Lydia Martin
Erica Reyes
Vernon Boyd
Danny Mahealani 
Isaac Lahey

Side Characters (I will add as I post): 

John Stilinski/ The Sheriff
Dr Deaton
Sean Koles
Kate Koles
Ron Koles
Kron Koles
Effle Koles
Eugenia Koles 
Lara Salas

I'd like to dedicate this one to Jeff Davis: Without you pissing me off so much, I wouldn't of made this so thank you. XD lmao

i love love love this book thats why I'm here for a second time yay
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Me when my friends are hungry and when they are too lazy to finish their own assignments like! How were we supposed to live in the same house if they don't finish school and find a job!
Omg LMAO 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
                              Cora your turn*Peter says*
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Bish i have an appetite of a tiny squirrel! I be like stuffing shait in my mouth everytime but mostly marshmallows :3
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Okay is it Stiles who made that easier or because his dad is nice because if so i need better parents and by "parents i mean my mom"-_-
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-Dials number-
                              Uhhhm yeah hello, I would like to adopt Isaac Lahey, And also can you send me his parents address? I need to bat some people to death! Stiles Stilinski Style!