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Sterek By MyOTPisSterek Updated Mar 16

Forgive me this is my first book

This is an au after season 2:
The alpha pack does not exist, Jackson not leaving, Erica and Boyd alive and Peter is not as evil as everyone thought. 

This is a (ill try and make it a slow one) sterek story. The hale house is renovated and there are lots of pack feels.

I don't own teen wolf or the characters. Because if I did, I wouldn't be channeling my hormones via Wattpad, now would I?

The Pack:

Stiles Stilinski
Derek Hale 
Scott McCall
Alison Argent
Cora Hale
Peter Hale
Jackson Whittmore
Lydia Martin
Erica Reyes
Vernon Boyd
Danny Mahealani 
Isaac Lahey

Side Characters (I will add as I post): 

John Stilinski/ The Sheriff
Dr Deaton
Sean Koles
Kate Koles
Ron Koles
Kron Koles
Effle Koles
Eugenia Koles 
Lara Salas

I'd like to dedicate this one to Jeff Davis: Without you pissing me off so much, I wouldn't of made this so thank you. XD lmao

HAHAHAHA iremeber a rhyme my friend said to me a while ago, "I know your gay, but that's okay!" and I'm like "Dude. I AM BI NOT GAY GET YO FACTS STRAIGHT, pun  intended..."