Hostage || Sam and Colby

Hostage || Sam and Colby

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Danielle Elizabeth ✨ By danielleisthename Completed

[Currently undergoing editing, so please be patient.]

How do you learn to stay strong when the world is constantly crashing down around you? For Caitlin Brock, the world seems to just knock her down. She had two of the worst experiences that could ever happen to a person. How can she stay strong when everything always goes wrong? 

Her brother Colby Brock,  and her brothers best friend Sam Golbach, seem to be the only two who can help Caitlin believe that there is something in the world that is still worth living for. Maybe moving to L.A. was the best thing that could have happened to her, but maybe it was also the worst.

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So Big Nik's Back? God dang it😣I hate it when david's here
Lol that’s totally me when I have a bad dream i go find food to eat
Netizen04 Netizen04 Nov 24, 2017
Ugh same except for the whole ‘people helping me with it’ part😂
BrittTheWitch BrittTheWitch Dec 14, 2017
Who else is reading everything Liza says in Liza's voice 😂😂
NatalieGolbrock NatalieGolbrock Dec 28, 2017
Ack I love this story but it’s so awkward. I can’t stop reading it tho
Its like Colby walks in 
                              Colby: forgot my pho-- WTF SAM!!!!!