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'I reach in my pocket and take a small metal knife out. I quickly get to work and cut out the small pups heart before using the dagger covered in blood to stick the red paper heart to the tree next to the wolf. 

That's why they call me the heartless huntress'

At a young age Kathryn, her brother and her parents were attacked by wolves during a picnic. Being a mere human, they lost the fight fast. By the time she was unfrozen, her brother was gone and her parents were dead. Fleeing the scene this human quickly become the most well known huntress throughout the supernatural world. 

But what happened when she finds her brother may not be dead?
That maybe she's not actually as human as she thought?
And she has a mate!?

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                              everybody in the comments: Bitch is crazy.
                              Me : awwwww she still loves her family.
gLittering-Rain101 gLittering-Rain101 Dec 26, 2017
She sounds nuts, but we all know either way her mate would want her
Daaaaaaaaamnnnnnn.....................I LOVE IITTT!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖💖
I think it was great, amazing hook and plot but If it had a bit more detail, and dramatic emotion description I think it would enhance this chapter a lot better. 😊
Crazynsky Crazynsky Feb 19, 2017
... Can I be a huntress because this is basically my outfit every day... Why couldn't she be wearing bright yellow or something 😂😂😂
flawlessbluedragon flawlessbluedragon Dec 20, 2016
Ayyyy so im the Heartless Huntress cuz I wear black everyday? I'm cool with that. I just don't kill the good werewolves tho..... since I'm one of them.....