CGL Boarding School

CGL Boarding School

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Lyrical Heart By Sunshine0204 Updated Aug 20

"I'm Lyrical Heart..My life is no ordinary life, but who's is??" mumbles went around before i started again. 

"I was raped" I spoke out, making the auditorium silent again. "I was raped by two guys, got sexually harassed day by day by that. I never knew who i was." I paused. "All i know was that i was just some girl crowding the street. My dad died when i was eight so my mom had to take care of two kids on her own" i felt water slide on my cheeks. 

"Seeing her struggle was so hard for me and my brother, so my brother took up drug dealing to help out around the house" i sniffed and wiped my face before continuing. "He almost got killed because of own brother.." I set the mic down for a minute to get my thoughts together. Once I calm down, I placed the mic back up to my mouth. 

"I joined this to find myself, i never knew who i was until I joined, now I know that I can be someone in this world and fit in. I found myself in this community. I didn't change my lifestyle" I shook my head pausing a bit.

"I found myself"

I thought Lauren like Lauren Jauregui and 5th grade as 5th harmony (I need serious help😓)
And the annual problem for our generation is finding a good way to spend it
SapphireShock SapphireShock Sep 15, 2016
Worst. Mother. Ever.
                              Also, how DARE you disrespect Spongebob like this?!
PhantomPatt PhantomPatt Aug 31, 2016
Been a while since I read something of yours. Still got it kid 👍👍
GeeWays_Pinkie GeeWays_Pinkie Dec 04, 2016
MatedBabyGirl MatedBabyGirl Oct 08, 2016
I know right today's music is awful and has too many curse words 🙅