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I v o r.

I: Intelligent
V: Violence.
O: Old.
R: Ruthless.

His name describes his personality so well.

He is Intelligent more than the others wolves. 
He knew nothing about peace, he sees that everything could be solved by Violence.
He is old, the first lycanthrope on earth.
He is ruthless, have never caught someone on his territory and let them live.
His punishment is Death, he is the Devil himself and no one can stop him.

Even his dearest Mate.


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whitetiger342 whitetiger342 Dec 05, 2016
Scratch that .* the sound of a crack fills the silence of the empty room
whitetiger342 whitetiger342 Dec 05, 2016
I'm trying to help make the book better but I'm not doing much since it's already so good 😊 if you want me to stop please tell me so ;)
chector53 chector53 Jan 06
Did he just snap her neck for being aroused? Wow he is useless.
whitetiger342 whitetiger342 Dec 05, 2016
To bad that your father has not warned you to never approach me . - it took me a while to get it 😬😬😬😬it may be just me but it sounds better btw you don't have to take my advice it's your own work
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Jan 30
haha use slovene and i'll tra slate for you... just say it's russian, nobody will notice except us slovans. lol
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