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I v o r.

I: Intelligent
V: Violence.
O: Old.
R: Ruthless.

His name describes his personality so well.

He is Intelligent more than the others wolves. 
He knew nothing about peace, he sees that everything could be solved by Violence.
He is old, the first lycanthrope on earth.
He is ruthless, have never caught someone on his territory and let them live.
His punishment is Death, he is the Devil himself and no one can stop him.

Even his dearest Mate.


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How was trump? Did ww3 happen? Did white supremacists got out of Virginia?
I read this as blondes and was like 'okay that's new' 😂😂
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Jan 30
haha use slovene and i'll tra slate for you... just say it's russian, nobody will notice except us slovans. lol
✨I can't vote bc it says I've used a lot so I'm put these✨
sprklyvenus sprklyvenus Nov 08, 2016
"Women" is this um.. A typographical error? Cause I was thinking, shouldn't it be woman? Sorry.. I felt uncomfortable there.. Sowweh..
MrsGoogle MrsGoogle Jan 30
why wouldn't he hurt a woman if she was it the wrong just because she was a woman? and why would he be okay to hurt a man just because he was a man?