Anywhere But Home [#Wattys2016]

Anywhere But Home [#Wattys2016]

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''Exactly.'' He said, almost as if he made a point. ''There are circumstances in life that change you. Everyone has their breaking point and their weak spots. I know I do. And I know I am no way near to be perfect and honestly?'' He stopped for a second. ''I don't want to be.'' He added. ''Life was not made to be a sea of roses. You will fall, but you'll get up. You will meet awesome people and you will share awesome times with them, but eventually half of them will leave you. It's the cycle of life.''

Emma Thompson it's on the run from her past. After seeing her mother being killed by her father and after two years of being held hostage, beaten and damaged by the men who swore to protect her, she decided that it was time to run away from the living hell she's been living through.
Looking for a fresh start, she moved state and changed her name. Everything to proceed a dream, being a doctor. She will try to keep a low profile, but what will happen when she meets the most challenging and troubled guy of her University? Christopher Smith, the guy that everyone fears.

They believe love was not made for damaged people like them. But will fate prove them wrong?                         
 Author Notes :
{ This book is updated every week, on Saturday. On school holidays I will try to update twice a week. }
{ Having you people reading this book means a lot to me, so thank you in advance for all the support. Kisses and hugs to all of my amazing readers! }

toyosibby toyosibby Nov 06
This is so not normal I can't imagine anyone really going through this
hartgurl729 hartgurl729 Nov 13
OHMYGOD. i am utterly speechless.... wow... this was an AMAZING first chapter. i looove where this is going and the plotline. i feel sorry for the girl and NEED to know what drove the dad to do that... GREAT JOB!
16O515 16O515 Nov 16
This is incredible! It's made me feel so many emotions and  absolutely cannot wait to read on!
_kristin_ _kristin_ Oct 14
Oh my gosh this sounds so amazing and exciting and heartbreaking all at the same time! can't wait to read on!
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