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Ella | ✓

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"I'm no angel." I mutter against his lips.

He looks down at me intently, "I know." And then his lips are on mine again.

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Ella Harper. She's a bad girl, bad liar and also really bad at maths. Not that she cares. Life has always passed her by, she's always been underestimated and she's always been as easy going as possible. People around her didn't see her as anything bad, until she did something she can't forget.

Now she's joined a school for boys, with most of the students looking like they walked off the front cover of a magazine. Her English accent just decreases the chance of her fitting in. I mean seriously, who puts a teenage girl in a school full of hormonal teenage boys?


This story is unedited so there will be spelling errors. If you are part of the goddamn "Grammar Police" please leave. The author can't spell, and she knows this. For all those people who don't care, enjoy this book. Love yous - fictived.

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 #Xavier I love lucky blue I have his book and he signed it!!!!!!😍😍😍
DabOnThem2 DabOnThem2 Mar 11
He looks like this guy at my school named Hayden but Hayden has blue eyes