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"I'm no angel." I mutter against his lips.

He looks down at me intently, "I know." And then his lips are on mine again.


I'm going to an all boys school. And I'm a girl.

I know what you're thinking, you can't be. Well I am. I'm going as a sort of punishment. Like community service, apart from the school is full of bad boys. I'm trying to be discreet with the fact that it's a punishment. Trying to keep my head low.

But I'm a bad girl.

And what are bad girls good at doing? Being troublemakers. Fire starters, if you will.

I'm English. In an American school.

So I stand out far too much. And 90% of the boys in his school look like super models. The other 10% just look like models. It doesn't help that they're all hormonal 17 year olds either.

⚠️ WARNING: This story contains mature language and may include violence ⚠️

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Inspired by the song..
Ugh, well it's not inspired by a song so yeh.

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If you didn't know they were crowns you would think that they were fries lol😅🍟
*evil smile* we all know that, that room should be avoided. Unless you have really good mouth wash.