Blue City

Blue City

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Charlay Marie By CharlayMarieWrites Updated Sep 28, 2016

Jen Kallis never forgot the night her father vanished into a strange, white light from inside her closet. Even though no one believed her, Jen knew what she'd seen and refused to accept that her dad had abandoned her and mom.

Ten years later, Jen, now 17, remains haunted by his disappearance when, without warning, her closet door bursts open and reveals a bright white light. Stepping through the light, she time travels to the year 2222 to a world far different from her own. Everything in Blue City is strange, with buildings that soar too high in the sky, hover cars that zoom on transparent blue streets, and robots that look just like humans.

When Jen is confronted by Asher, an attractive commander with a rebellious spirit who warns that her life is in danger, she convinces him to help her escape and find her father. Together they embark on a wild journey where she has to battle Asher's scary ex-girlfriend, Rogue, for his love, and Jen discovers that there's something far bigger than her quest to find her father: the fate of the world-past, present, and future-is in her hands.

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alishiie_ alishiie_ Mar 26
I'll admit that before I read this I was a little skeptical, 'Blue City' (from what I read in the description) sounded a lot like the tv show called The Flash. After reading it, though, I realized it was 100% original! Amazing job!
cherryshop cherryshop Oct 19, 2017
Thank you Jesus for  the gift you gave to this writer. Thank you for the pleasure she brings so many people.
So excited to read this!Pah-leese make more books of this series!
God is so amazing! I want to thank him for giving this amazing gift to you! You deserve it!!
EdgemoonPR EdgemoonPR Mar 24
Wow. Thank you for acknowledging your faith and being honest. Its sometimes hard to do these days. God Bless You too.
Hohiropere Hohiropere Sep 16, 2016
God helps everyone through their day. Whether its a small ray of sunlight or a miracle. He's always watching over us.
                              He sends people to help us, we don't always know who they are. But they're there. ;p