Hunting the Hunter (Dean x Reader)

Hunting the Hunter (Dean x Reader)

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LibertyTheReader By LibertyTheReader Updated Feb 19

(Dean x Reader)

You're all you have left because of a hunter named Greg. He took your dog: the only "person" you have left in your family. During your frantic hunt to find Greg and your dog, you bump into the Winchesters who give you more than just information. 

Will you find your dog and get revenge on Greg? Can two broken people fix each other? Or will you be alone for the rest of your life?
Find out in Hunting the Hunter!

A/N: Hey guys! This is my first story/fanfic. I've been so inspired by other Dean x Reader stories, that I decided that I should try writing my own. 
Thanks to my friend for supporting me in my writing journey! You've seriously been a huge help. You know who you are ;)
Anyways feel free to edit my story in the comments; I won't be able to edit that much because of school, and instead of trying to make every chapter flawless I'm going to publish each chapter with a few mistakes (hopefully none if I'm lucky!) so you have something to read! And as always, tootles!

ellasobieck ellasobieck Nov 08, 2016
The bestest of best friends has come back with another grand hit!!!
Kiermerald Kiermerald Nov 12, 2016
My dog gives me a disappointed look when I'm about to do something dumb lol