Devils Duel -Black butler fan fiction (Discontinued)

Devils Duel -Black butler fan fiction (Discontinued)

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Heeyyyy this is my first Black butler fan fic!! so please read it and comment!

Disclaimer: I do not own black butler or any of the characters except Bethany Phantomhive and my other OCs which u cant find out yet :p

Sebastian POV:

It has been years since the young master became a demon and I ended up serving him for the rest of eternity. The young master decided not to leave the Phantomhive manor and Lady Elizabeth and they now have a daughter, Lady Bethany Phantomhive. It is her 13th birthday in 2 months and the young master has been keeping me busy with plenty of errands to prepare for Lady Bethany's birthday.

Lady Bethany has no idea she is half Demon so she does not know how to use her power so it doesn't show.

I'm reading a book in my bedroom until it is time for me to prepare breakfast for the young master and his family. I take a look at my pocket watch; ~ sighs~ time to get the servants up. I Change...

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BTS_DreamCatcher BTS_DreamCatcher Jun 20, 2017
Wait so Lizzy hasn't gotten suspicious of Sebastian and Ciel not ageing
Shadowe_Queen Shadowe_Queen Jul 26, 2016
I know you are not continuing but I wanna read it anyway. I love Black Butler.
Vampire_Demon Vampire_Demon Apr 16, 2016
                              I'm gonna be a hater/hypocrite
                              I am honestly not a fan of Ciel/Lizzy
                              But it looks like it's a Sebastian×OC so imma still read it 
                              So I like it so far and hopefully you will still continue the story
SomeMessedUpPotato SomeMessedUpPotato Nov 03, 2016
We r lazy and don't want to get up so we just stay in bed bc it takes to much work😫😫😫😖😖
Had-Cipher Had-Cipher Nov 09, 2016
1. School
                              2. Life
                              3. We have a good dream.
                              4. Cant sleep last nite.
mxritzcracker mxritzcracker Oct 26, 2015
I would totally wake up with that alarm ;] and I hate waking up