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Belong to each other. (COMPLETED)

Belong to each other. (COMPLETED)

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Mahwash Fatima By mahwash_ff Completed

"But.... dad I'm not good for her she deserves something better... please", he protested.
" Son now it's high time for you to get committed to someone and I find her the best option for you", his dad replied.
"Dad please.....", he pleaded.
" It's my last wish.... won't you fulfill it?", his dad questioned coughing. 
" Fine...." , he bowed his head in defeat and swallowed the anger boiling.......

Rohail Siddiqiui, a 29 year old handsome, rude, arrogant, sexy and hardworking business man who has recently taken his father's seat as the CEO of the company since his father retired due to his deteriorating health. 

Hania Fatima, a 25 year old girl who is M.B.B.S graduated and about to become doctor. Hania is a pretty, jolly and enthusiastic girl whose greatest dream of all time is to wear that white coat with her name labelled on  and a stethoscope hanging around her neck .

Their accidental meeting led them to get tied in the bond of marriage.... a relationship meant for life..
He wasn't happy but she was happy.
His marriage broke the heart of his best friends which broke him too.... he hate her.
will they both able to realize that  no matter what the situation is they do BELONG TO EACH OTHER.

Will Hania gave up or will Roahil gave her a chance???
Will they be togather or will their paths divide?
To know stay tuned.

MehakFatima819 MehakFatima819 Sep 15, 2016
Ok this is kind of a proud moment for me to be a friend of such a great initiate of literature world 💜
                              Love you mahwash...rock it 🤘