Fate Heals

Fate Heals

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Malena By forever-evermore Completed

(Book #3 in the Unusual Fate series)

Micah Klein has lost a lot in the past year, barely surviving the infected and having most of his innocent perspective on the world destroyed. But he thought things would start to be less erratic once him and his pack settled down in their old pack lands, thought to be safe from the dangerous world around them. 

Jesse Davis is barely holding himself back from doing something he might regret in the future, with his restraint waning and the draw to be near his mate, Micah, becoming stronger with every day. Dealing with keeping himself together, while trying to fight off incoming threats of infected and humans alike is becoming a difficult task. 

The world is becoming more dangerous, and those still alive are fighting to stay that way, no matter what the cost. Fate is a dangerous thing to play with, and Jesse and Micah will discover just how strong they can be in a world hell bent on destroying them.

Cover by sufferingIy

  • baby
  • beta
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  • disease
  • gay
  • heats
  • lgbt
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  • mature
  • mpreg
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MootDoot MootDoot Sep 02, 2016
This is Baby 101 - How To Hold A Baby: Take notes kiddos, it'll be on the test later.
MootDoot MootDoot Sep 10, 2016
Gosh pooper Jesse!! Micah loves you!!!! You're misleading him!
Meichio Meichio Sep 06, 2016
I HAVE BEEN WAITINg FOR THIS!! yes finally micah and jesse's story
MootDoot MootDoot Sep 02, 2016
Omg me too. Once you get me asleep I don't wake up for at least 2 hours
BlueCotton16 BlueCotton16 Sep 05, 2016
Finally I have waited for who knows how many months for this story. Thank you very much, can't wait for the next update
redrosepartygirl167 redrosepartygirl167 Dec 04, 2016
I just have to say it is now 4 am and I've been reading the other two stories for two days. Will there be regular updates for this one?